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Kicking a Can
Production start: Spring 2007
Completion date: May 4th, 2008
Length: 10 Minutes
"Kicking a Can" is Evermeer’s inaugural project. The movie has been a long and bumpy road, at times with no end in sight. We are extremely proud of it.

Winner of the 2008 Babson Film Festival
Best Film Award
Best Actor Award

Friday, April 18th
Wellesley, MA

Offical selection of the
2008 Utopia Film Festival

Saturday, October 25th
Greenbelt, MD

Offical selection of the
2008 Rockport Film Festival

Saturday, November 8th
Rockport, TX

Matt Mashburn - Director, Writer, Photographer, Editor, Sound Recording, Music
Darius Eslami - Actor
Ian Jefferys - Post-Production Lead, Editor, Sound Editor, Sound Recording
Andrew Berlanstein - Location Scouting, Sound Recording

Contact: Ian Jefferys

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